Welcome to Four Bakery

Hey! We're Four Bakery – an artisan bakehouse and cafe located in 53-55 Bath Street, St. Helier, Jersey.

From Tuesday to Saturday you'll find our counter fully stocked with freshly baked sourdough bread, baguettes, focaccia, sandwiches, croissants, chocolatine (aka pain au chocolat), cinnamon buns, chocolate brownies as well as seasonal and special delights all handmade by our in-house bakers (who you can watch at work). We also serve delicious coffee using with our speciality Four Bakery house blend beans.

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Four Flavours

Every day you'll find four core offerings in the bakery – loaves, viennoiseries, savouries and brownies – as well as weekly specials. Our name not only means 'oven' in French, but the stripped-back nature of our menu represents what baking should be: simple, high-quality ingredients with delicious results.

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We take orders!

Whether you're feeding friends or stocking up the freezer, you can create a custom order from anything at Four.

Email us at orders@fourbakery.com with what you'd like and when you'd like it and we'll get on the case! All we ask is that you give us 48 hours' notice.

And, if your order is over £50, we'll deliver it for free!

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Dogs Welcome!

It's often hard to find a dog-friendly cafe in Jersey – but we love seeing furry visitors of all sizes in the bakery! They may even be given a treat (or two).

Discover Our Bakes

Our Partners

From the coffee we serve to the flour in our bread, we've chosen every brand we work with based on their alignment with our values of integrity and authenticity.

  • Marriages Master Millers

    You'll often find Marriages within our loaves, selected for their support to Britain’s food and farming industry. Wherever possible, they use wheat grown within 30 miles of Chelmer Mills and they helped establish the Organic Food Federation.

    Visit their website 
  • Wild

    Based on a regenerative farm, Wild produces resilient, healthy grains that are free from pesticides, insecticides or fungicides, in a system that prioritises soil health and increases soil biodiversity. The flour is then stone-milled to retain its nutrients and nutty flavour.

    Visit their website 
  • Rock Roasters

    Rock Roasters uses carefully sourced beans to create small batch coffee. After sampling many of their flavours, we collaborated to come up with the Four blend, which is used in all of our coffees and can be bought by the bag from our shop. 

    Visit their website 
  • Cenu Cacao

    With the goodness of chocolate and the earthy texture of cacao, Cenu Cacao chocolate is beautiful blend of delightful and organic extracts. We love the artisanal value of this chocolate that we use in our famous brownies, especially as it doesn’t have even a hint of palm oil or Lecithin.

    Visit their website 
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  • Hamptonne Farm

    Hamptonne Farm Limited is a small family run business based in St Lawrence – the heart of the Jersey countryside. Their aim is to provide excellent quality free range eggs to local businesses, of which we are one! 

    Visit their website 
  • Homefields Farm Shop

    The fresh fruit and vegetables in our recipes are sourced locally from Homefields, who help to support on-island farmers and organic growers. You'll also find a selection of our bread in their shop.

    Visit their website 
  • Chilli Kitchen

    Chilli Kitchen provides a selection of flavourful chutneys, relishes, sauces, oils and more made by local Lesley out of her own home kitchen on the outskirts of St. Helier. We stock a range of Lesley's goods, which pair perfectly with our loaves.

  • Jersey Dairy

    From their butter to their milk, we use Jersey Dairy products throughout our bakes and pastries. The world famous creaminess produced by our Jersey cows not only enhances the taste but makes sure everything stays local.

    Visit their website 
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Word on the Street

  • "Crusty on the outside, soft and springy in the middle. A freshness like we had baked it ourselves"

    – Dr. Philippa Venn

  • "It’s not often you get freshly baked bread that is attractive to look at, smells divine and tastes phenomenal.  A loaf of Four bread becomes an event at the table, and one that fits all occasions.."

    – Damian Warman

  • "Simon, what a wonder you are. Everything from your bakery is delicious. It all tastes as it should, not a whiff of anything that shouldn’t be there."

    – Jane Blackie

  • "Absolutely superb. Coming for more."

    – Ward Jenner

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In The Press

We're lucky enough to have been featured in a number of local publications, including the JEP's The Weekend magazine, the Bailiwick Express and Rural magazine. If you'd like to feature us, get in touch at hello@fourbakery.com

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