Welcome to Four Bakery

Four Bakery & Chocolaterie is an artisan bakery, coffee house and chocolaterie located in Bath Street, St. Helier, Jersey.

Five days a week our pastry chefs are up before dawn to bring you a fresh selection of organic, sourdough, savoury and sweet delights, including traditional French baguettes, croissants, chocolatine (aka pain au chocolat), brioche, cinnamon buns, chocolate brownies and more.

Four Flavours

Every day you'll find four core offerings in the bakery – loaves, viennoiseries, savouries and brownies. Our name represents what baking should be: simple, with minimal, quality ingredients that focus on nourishment and amazing flavours.

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Our Partners

We only partner with companies that align with our values of integrity and authenticity. From the speciality, organic and traditional stoneground flours we use in our sourdough to the high quality beans in our expertly brewed coffee, being able to trace ingredients back to the source is a must.

  • Jersey Sea Salt

    We only use natural unrefined Jersey Sea Salt in our bread and sprinkled on our focaccia. Harvested ecologically from the pristine waters of the Channel Islands, this sensational salt is solar evaporated & free from chemical additives.

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  • Homefields Farm Shop

    We source all our fresh fruit and vegetables locally from Homefields. These independent growers share our values for supporting local farmers, artisan producers and organic growers.

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  • Liberation Brewing Company

    We occasionally add the award-winning Liberation Ale to our recipes to enhance the malted barley flavour. You'll also find a selection of Liberation Ales in the shop to purchase.

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  • Enoteca

    We are proud to support Enoteca's range of delicious Italian mineral wines, stocking a curated range alongside our other local items. Perfect with cured meats, fine cheese and of course our sourdough bread.

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  • Marriages Master Millers

    You'll often find Marriages within our loaves, selected for their support to Britain’s food and farming industry. Wherever possible, they use wheat grown within 30 miles of Chelmer Mills and they helped establish the Organic Food Federation.

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  • Wild

    Based on a regenerative farm, Wild produces resilient, healthy grains that are free from pesticides, insecticides or fungicides, in a system that prioritises soil health and increases soil biodiversity. The flour is then stone-milled to retain its nutrients and nutty flavour.

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  • Triple Co Roast Coffee

    Our barista only uses Triple Roast Co speciality high grade coffee for the coffee menu. We not only sourced it for its sweet and fruity taste, but they also only trade directly with farmers so they receive the premiums they deserve for their crops.

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  • Cenu Cacao

    With the goodness of chocolate and the earthy texture of cacao, Cenu Cacao chocolate is beautiful blend of delightful and organic extracts. We love the artisanal value of this chocolate that we use in our famous brownies, especially as it doesn’t have even a hint of palm oil or Lecithin.

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Word on the Street

  • "Crusty on the outside, soft and springy in the middle. A freshness like we had baked it ourselves"

    – Dr. Philippa Venn

  • "It’s not often you get freshly baked bread that is attractive to look at, smells divine and tastes phenomenal.  A loaf of R&R bread becomes an event at the table, and one that fits all occasions.."

    – Damian Warman

  • "Simon, what a wonder you are. Everything from your bakery is delicious. It all tastes as it should, not a whiff of anything that shouldn’t be there."

    – Jane Blackie

  • "Absolutely superb. Coming for more."

    – Ward Jenner

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