Our Partners

We work with, and source our ingredients from, local and sustainable companies to ensure our bread is as healthy and environmentally friendly as it can be. Not only does your order support Jersey's businesses but helps to keep your carbon footprint down.



Based on a regenerative farm, Wild grows nutritious grains whilst respecting the natural systems that we need to survive. Seeds are sown directly into grass while various plants and grazing animals surround them. This produces resilient, healthy crops that improve the soil and ecosystem creating a kind of farming that’s better for farmers, food lovers and the planet. The flour is then freshly stone-milled to retain its essential nutrients and nutty flavour. For more information, visit the Wild website.


Jersey Sea Salt 

Where better to collect natural sea salt than from the beautiful water surrounding our island? Jersey Sea Salt is harvested ecologically and by hand through solar evaporation meaning the only energy used to produce it is from the sun. This not only has a positive impact on the planet but retains valuable moisture and minerals so you can enjoy organic, unrefined, local salt. For more information, visit the Jersey Sea Salt website

We use Jersey Sea Salt in our loaves to add a crunchy texture and clean flavour to every bite.


Liberation Brewing Co.

The Liberation Brewery has been a staple of Jersey heritage and community for almost 150 years. Having survived two world wars, depressions, recessions and cultural shifts it continues to proudly make award-winning beer with true island character. We occasionally use the classic Liberation Ale in our recipes to add malted barley to the flavour but don’t worry – all the alcohol evaporates in the process.



Homefields is a family-run farm that specialises in locally grown produce and has been supplying the island with fresh fruit and vegetables for over 50 years. Not only do they support local farmers to keep the island's rich farming heritage alive and growing but their ethos, to use local produce wherever possible and be as green as possible, matches our own. That’s why you’ll find their produce in our soups and on our focaccia, their herbs in our sausage rolls as well as their sweet potatoes and cabbages in some of our bread recipes and vegan-friendly vegetable rolls.

You can also pick up our freshly baked bread in the Homefields farm shop.